Undersun Fitness Real Life Review: Ian Warman

Undersun Fitness

- 16 December

Down 144 lbs Before: 363 lbs Now: 219 lbs

People casually say that Undersun bands are a “lifesaver” during times when they’re stuck at home and can’t get to the gym, but Undersun Tribe member Ian Warman says it in a more literal sense. 

Before catching the exercise “bug,” as he calls it, Warman was in a dark place. His young son Ethan, born in 2018, had (and still has) an undiagnosable syndrome resulting in him being partially blind and deaf, in addition to other serious conditions. “Being a father that couldn’t help his son made me fall into a deep depression,” says Warman, who was born and raised in England and currently lives in the town of Slough in Berkshire.  “I emotionally eat, so I gained a lot of weight. I also became a gambling addict to have an escape from reality.”

The Covid-19 lockdowns announced in March 2020 by UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson only made matters worse, as Warman no longer had football (soccer) games to bet on to keep his mind occupied. On second thought, maybe it was a blessing in disguise. Warman eventually caught the training bug while using Undersun bands, TA2 programs, and being actively engaged in the Undersun Tribe. Since the March 2020 lockdowns, he’s lost roughly 144 pounds (65kg), down from a high of over 360 pounds.

His transformation has involved more than just weight loss, though. “The Tribe being American and a very positive environment has actually changed my personality and outlook on life,” says the 34-year-old Warman, a senior contract manager at a recruitment firm.

“I’m doing better at work, my relationship with my wife is happier, and my son is now developing a lot more as we give him more attention, since I no longer spend my evenings looking at betting apps.”

In this exclusive interview, Warman shares the keys to his life-changing transformation and the role Undersun bands and TA2 programs have played along the way.

What was your exercise background before getting started training with bands?

Ian Warman: I would go to the gym and lift weights with my friends, but I wasn’t doing it with any purpose. I just tried to lift as heavy as possible so nobody could laugh at me for being fat. My thinking was, if I’m stronger than them, they haven’t got the edge over me. I also wasn’t very consistent. Sometimes I wouldn’t go at all in a week. It was just sort of on and off.

What was your first introduction to resistance bands?

Ian Warman: I first used some cheap tube-style bands I found on eBay back in May of 2020. They were weak, and you needed all five bands clipped onto the handles to feel enough resistance, so my first impressions of working out with bands wasn’t great. Once the orange Undersun bands arrived, I could immediately feel the difference in resistance and quality.

How about TA2 programs?

Ian Warman: I ordered TA2 Build with the bands initially because the gyms were still closed. Once I’d completed 90 days of Build, the gyms opened again, so I purchased the Size On program to incorporate both bands and weights together. This is where I really caught the bug. I had the advantage over my friends who hadn’t been training during lockdown, and the idea of catching up with them for friendly banter put fire in my belly.

How much muscle did you gain on TA2 Build and Size On?

Ian Warman: I’d say probably around 10 kilos [22 pounds] of muscle. But I can’t say for sure, because I’ve been losing weight at the same time as gaining muscle, so it’s quite hard to judge.

Speaking of losing weight, did you also try TA2 Bodyshock?

Ian Warman: Yes. After 90 days of doing Size On, I wanted to really focus on losing weight, so I purchased TA2 Bodyshock. I absolutely loved it. Because of TA2 Bodyshock, I actually enjoy doing cardio now. If you told me a year ago that I would enjoy cardio, I would have laughed at you. It’s completely changed my mind. It’s HIIT cardio, and you do it in chunks. You think, “Oh my god, I’ve got to do 45 minutes of cardio?” But because you’re doing it in chunks, by the end of it you’ve done 45 minutes of cardio and you’re sweating and you feel good.

What was it about the bands and TA2 programs that worked so well for you and got you hooked?

Ian Warman: The programs are very structured. Monday, you’re doing this. Tuesday, you’re doing this. You don’t have to think. You’re doing this exercise for this many reps, and you just follow the program. By week 2 or 3, you’ve done similar exercises and know what to expect.

What would you say to someone who’s trying to decide which TA2 program to start with?

Ian Warman: BodyShock is the way to go if you want to lose weight. If you want to gain muscle, it’s going to be Build. Both of them are great if you want to train at home and train anywhere. At one point recently, the gyms closed for a second time. But it didn’t matter, as I could revert to doing just Build and Bodyshock using bands-only exercises.

What role has the Undersun Tribe played in your transformation the last year and a half?

Ian Warman: The Tribe has completely changed my mentality of how I want to be with other people. James, Annik, Jessica, and everyone else in the Tribe have given me so much support in both fitness and life. They’re so positive, and positivity breeds positivity. I’m happier at work, and people are happier being with me. I’m not just a miserable guy. It’s the same at home with my family. Overall, taking fitness out of it, being part of the Undersun Tribe has completely changed the way I am and who I am.

In your mind, what makes Undersun different than other brands?

Ian Warman: Quality wise, Undersun bands are above everyone else. With cheaper bands, there’s no way of progressing and they’re made of flimsy material. Undersun’s customer service is great, too. Anytime I have a question, I can send an email or ask on Facebook and they get right back to me. As a brand, the company feel as a whole is unreal. During lockdown, James and Annik were logging onto Facebook and working out online so that people could have free workouts – not forcing them to buy the BodyShock program. You wouldn’t get that with a company in England. Undersun really cares about its people.