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TA2 Size On Bundle

TA2 Size On Combines Classic Lifts With The Physique Altering Power Of Resistance Band Training. Everything You Need To Get You Growing And Get You Growing Fast

Build Your Body With Science

Resistance Curve Manipulation
Every individual weight exercises range of movement has a particular point in the contraction that produces the most amount of tension and stimulus on the working muscle. In this program with the addition of bands added to the movements, we can manipulate the exercise's natural resistance curve to increase the tension evenly across the entire contraction range - ultimately making every rep you do produce more growth stimulus.

Forced Eccentric Loading
Throughout this program particular weight exercises we'll use strength bands to specifically enhance the peak contraction point of the exercise's repetition. This places the muscle under a heightened stress when its at it's shortest contracted point, forcing you to control the start of the eccentric movement under a extreme forced eccentric stress. This has your target muscle undergoing more stress and ultimately producing more growth potential.

Heightened Metabolic Stress
One of the key mechanisms to muscle growth is when it undergoes Metabolic Stress - when the accumulation of blood, lactic, metabolic by-product accumulates in the target muscle during training, this in itself triggers anabolic responses to occur. This program takes full advantage of this powerful hypertrophy mechanism.


After coming 2nd or 3rd at nationals every year, I knew if I was going to finally win I needed to do something that other competitors weren’t doing.… TA2 SIZE ON was the approach. Incorporating resistance bands into my weight training to generate and maximize growth in all the right areas. The end result? Well let me just tell you there is no better feeling than nailing a goal you’ve had for over a decade.


You’re not alone on the TA2 Size-On program. Be a part of the Undersun Tribe online for added motivation and assistance to push you to the results you need.


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    Ricky C.
    United States United States

    Something for everyone!

    I have been a loyal customer to Undersun so any program they produce I know is going to be awesome. Having the TA2 Build Size on program lets me get back in the gym when I have time and want that extra pump. Developed by Tyrone Bell, gives me the confidence that it is backed by results. I mean the guy won a bodybuilding Championship! I am loving this new program and I am excited to see the results!

    Josue P.
    United States United States

    Resistance band and weights together a game changer

    Including using Undersun resistant band to my workouts at the gym using the size on techniques provides for a total different feeling when pushing weights and bands. The muscles work harder and feels great. Recommended. I give four stars because the video are not as good and structure as the body shock and build.

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