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- 15 February

Anytime and anywhere, grab your Undersun Resistance Bands and get a great strength-building, fat-burning workout. And for those times when you want a little extra challenge to accelerate your results, add Undersun Hip Bands to your routine.

It’s the ultimate bodyshock! 

Undersun Hip Bands Description 

Like standard Undersun Resistance Bands, Hip Bands are loop-style bands – only shorter. Also called “booty bands” and mini-bands, they’re commonly used for the lower body as a means of targeting the glutes as well as specific areas of the quadriceps (ie, inner and outer thighs) and hamstrings. 

The unique thing about Hip Bands is that they can be used simultaneously with standard Undersun bands on exercises that you’re already doing (like band squats and glute bridges) to provide an added challenge. Or, they can be used on their own for glute-isolation exercises like side steps and “fire hydrants.”  

“The activation in the muscles you get from the Hip Bands is incredible,” says Annik Nayler, Undersun Fitness co-owner and lead trainer of the TA2 Bodyshock program. “The burn is intense, and when paired with other exercises it makes it super challenging – in a good way, of course! I like to be taken out of my comfort zone, shock the body, and sweat my ass off. The Hip Bands do that for me.”

There are other similar looking bands on the market, but Undersun Hip Bands are made of fabric as well as rubber, making them both more durable and more comfortable. 

“These bands are more heavy duty than most other mini-bands, and the rubberized strips on the inside helps them stay in place better so they don’t slide down your legs,” says Undersun founder James Grage.  

Don’t be fooled by the “booty bands” nickname into thinking these are just for women. 

“Your hips aren’t strong as you think they are,” says Grage, “and it’s an area most guys neglect, which can lead to strength imbalances and injuries to the lower back and legs. The guys who don’t neglect the hips are elite athletes; they use hip bands all the time. Plus, for guys who want to add muscle mass and get bigger, the glutes are the largest group of muscles in the body.”

At the end of the day, it comes down to results, and that’s why Annik uses Undersun Hip Bands in practically all of her workouts. 

“They give me that extra push during workouts, so I see results faster,” she says. 

Undersun Hip Bands Key Features


Heavy-Duty Construction – Undersun Hip Bands are built for strength and durability. These training tools can endure your most intense workouts and will last for years.

Comfortable and Practical – The fabric-based bands feature an attractive Undersun pattern on the outside, and the inside includes two rubberized strips that will keep your band in place during sets.

Two Sizes Available – The Undersun 2-Hip Band Set includes Light (60 pounds rated resistance) and Heavy (150 pounds) sizes, accommodating both low and high rep ranges and a variety of exercises. 

Lightweight and Portable – Like all Undersun bands, you can take your Hip Bands anywhere you want. Put them in your backpack, or even your back pocket, and pull them out to train whenever. 

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Annik Nayler’s Favorite Hip Band Glute Exercises

Never used Hip Bands or ‘mini bands’ before? Here are a handful of Annik’s favorite moves to get you started:

Alternating “Fire Hydrants”


Alternating Side Steps

Primal Walks

Glute Bridge with Abduction

Squats with Pulses