Undersun Fitness

- 26 February

Here’s the dirty secret gym owners don’t want you to hear: You don’t need their overpriced facilities and personal trainers. You can get fit without the gym. 

With the right equipment and mobile training program, you can work out wherever you want and still attain your loftiest fitness goals, whether that means building muscle or dropping body fat. 

Here are 4 great reasons you never need to step foot in a commercial gym again…

1) At Home Equipment That Checks All the Boxes: Portable, Effective, Inexpensive 

You don’t get in shape by joining the biggest gym or forking over thousands of dollars for the “latest and greatest” cardio machine. The fittest, leanest people you know got that way through progressive overload resistance training, proper nutrition, and most importantly, consistency.

These are all things you can do at home on a shoestring budget and in any size space (spare bedroom, living room, small backyard). 

No need to purchase a bunch of dumbbells or other heavy equipment, either. A set of high-quality fitness bands are way less expensive (less than $80), will take up virtually no space in your house, and are just as effective for building muscle and transforming your body as free weights (thanks to progressive variable resistance). 

In fact, you don’t even need to be at home to train with bands. Throw them in your backpack and go exercise wherever you want – the park, the beach, on a hike, your buddy’s place, wherever.  

For a variety of budget-friendly resistance band sets and bundles (bands + digital program + accessories), check out Undersun Fitness.  

2) All the Workouts You Need Online

Looking for a structured workout plan that accommodates your at-home setup? Not sure how to do a particular exercise and need a video demo? Everything you need in terms of workout programs, exercise tutorials, and general fitness advice can be found online for minimal cost – or free.

Having a trainer design a workout plan for you used to cost hundreds of dollars, if not more. Now you can get a high-level program like Undersun’s TA2 Bodyshock, or a customizable nutrition plan, for under $50. 

Exercise demos are easy to find, and free of charge, on YoutTube, and many of the world’s top fitness experts now have their own podcasts for sharing their knowledge and insights. 

3) Mobile Training Apps: Your Virtual Fitness Coach 

The cost of using a personal trainer several days a week isn’t feasible for a vast majority of the population. And group fitness gyms (ie, CrossFit and boot camp classes) cost anywhere from $150 to $300 a month. 

That’s fine. You know why? Because technology allows the best trainers and strength coaches to offer their expertise for next to nothing through mobile apps. With platforms like Undersun’s TA2 Mobile Training App, your personal trainer is literally right there on your phone. Track your results and progress week after week. Have an experienced coach take you through every workout. 

Thought you couldn’t afford to have a personal trainer? Think again! 

4) Online Communities to Share Your Fitness Journey

Just because you’re exercising at home with a mobile app doesn’t mean you’re on your own. There’s a community of like-minded people following a similar path… and they want to help you achieve all your fitness goals. 

Online social media groups like the Undersun Tribe provide the support and inspiration you need to stay the course on your journey to a healthier, happier life. 

Everything you need to finally get into an exercise routine and take control of your body is right at your fingertips. Affordable equipment that actually works. High-end coaching and tracking online. A motivational community to belong to. 

What you don’t need is a gym!