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Tired of fad diets that are complex, unsustainable, and ineffective? The TA2 Lean Build nutrition plan was designed to take the confusion out of nutrition and help you add muscle without putting on unwanted body fat.

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No matter how hard or how long you train, you’re not going to build a lean, muscular physique unless you follow the right nutrition strategy. And you won’t reach your goals with a gimmicky diet. TA2 Lean Build is not a “diet.” In fact, it’s the opposite.

Unlike other strategies that require weighing and restricting many types of foods, TA2 Lean Build is designed to simplify and evolve your nutrition strategy, giving you all the tools to achieve sustainable success – 24/7, 365!

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Our TA2 Lean Build is our nutritional program designed to map out your meals at specific times with the breakdown requirements for each meal to achieve a lean build physique.

They're no workouts included in this program, our TA2 Build or Bodyshock Training Programs compliment our nutritional plan to give you the best results.

This food plan incorporates animal meat as the primary protein source in most meals.

There are 6 meals required to consume daily following along to this plan and 4/6 includes meat as the protein source.

You can use alternative foods for dietary restrictions, but this plan is not designed for those that are plant based.

You will have access to your TA2 training program for one year after your login account is activated.

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