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- 30 April

Expanding your workouts to include more exercises and deliver maximum results often requires buying more bulky equipment and finding additional room in your house or gym bag for all the extra stuff. At some point, you run out of budget and space.

There’s a simple solution to this problem. You already have your Undersun Resistance Bands, and getting the most out of them is as easy as adding one simple “2-in-1” accessory: the Undersun Universal Anchor. 

The Universal Anchor is portable, inexpensive, and will allow you to do EVERY exercise imaginable, both at home and outdoors. 

Undersun Universal Anchor Description

One of the main benefits of resistance bands is the sheer number of exercises they accommodate. Any gym move you can do with free weights (barbells, dumbbells, etc.), you can do with Undersun bands. You can also mimic your favorite cable and machine exercises with bands, due in large part to indoor and outdoor anchor accessories.

“Back when we started Undersun, it was important for us to include a door anchor because it gives you the ability to anchor your bands anywhere in the house or at the office,” says Undersun Fitness owner and founder James Grage. “One of the most important benefits of resistance band training is having the resistance in multiple planes – not just in the vertical plane against gravity, as with free weights – and being able to train on your feet to work core stability, improve functional strength, and increase overall athleticism. An anchor allows you to do that with an endless number of exercises.”

Grage and company soon realized that a dedicated anchor was needed for people training outdoors, one that could be attached to trees, signposts, and other common landmarks. Thus, the Undersun Outdoor Anchor was born. 

But then a couple other Undersun core tenets came up: portability and simplicity. “After introducing the indoor and outdoor anchors, we thought, ‘Why don’t we just combine the two so that people who train at home and outside only have one extra thing to throw in their bags?’ Our whole goal is making training more simple, so that was the concept here – to simplify.”

While Grage and his team created a more versatile anchor – one that works on doors, trees, and outdoor posts alike – they also upgraded with more durable materials and added functionality. The Universal Anchor features a stronger nylon webbing for the straps, double-stitching in areas vulnerable to wear and tear, and protective tubing on the anchor point to keep the webbing from getting caught in the knot of the band.

“To me personally,” says Grage, “the Universal Anchor is one of the most useful training tools when it comes to resistance band training. This is a must-have in your bag.”

Undersun Universal Anchor Key Features

Durable, Long-Lasting Material –  The Universal Anchor is constructed of heavy-duty nylon webbing that’s thicker and wider than most anchors on the market. You’ll be able to use this anchor for both indoor and outdoor workouts for years to come. 

Stronger, Reinforced Stitching – Double-stitching is used throughout, specifically in areas of the anchor that are more subject to rips and tears. You can do all of your most intense, heaviest resistance work with the Universal Anchor. 

Upgraded Features for Both Indoor and Outdoor Training – Strong metal rings secure the strap when used on trees and posts outside, and the indoor anchor knob is extra-sturdy for using on doors in your home. 

Protective Tubing at Anchor Point – Protective tubing on one end provides a secure anchor point and keeps the nylon webbing from getting caught in the knot of the band, particularly when using lower resistance bands (X-Light and Light). 

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