Undersun Fitness

- 5 March

Undersun Resistance Bands and accessories represent the ultimate “go anywhere” fitness solution – functionality and portability at its finest. To maximize that portability, you need an equally functional bag to carry all your equipment.  

That’s why we created the Undersun Premium Nylon Carry Bag. This isn’t just another drawstring backpack. This is a high-end, upgraded version – still lightweight and convenient, but better constructed for added strength and durability, including additional compartments for accessories and personal items. 

Our Premium Carry Bag will keep you mobile, fully equipped, and ready to train anytime, anywhere.

Undersun Premium Nylon Carry Bag Description

Like any quality brand, Undersun Fitness is constantly evolving and making improvements. This doesn’t just include resistance bands and TA2 Training Programs, but also solutions for transporting your most critical fitness equipment. What started as a lightweight Undersun drawstring backpack is now a more functional, and premium, bag.

 “When we first started as a company, we wanted to be environmentally conscious with our packaging,” says Undersun founder and owner James Grage. “So, instead of delivering our bands to people in a big box with a bunch of extra materials, we decided to put the bands in a small nylon drawstring bag. It was functional packaging, something you could reuse. Over time, though, we realized we needed something a lot more durable. Because in real life people are going to shove a thick wad of bands into their bags over and over, and that puts a lot of wear and tear on a bag.”


What Grage and the Undersun team came up with was a souped-up version of the original drawstring bag. The Premium version you see here is bigger, stronger, and more practical, with added pouches for convenient storage. Your Undersun 5-Band Set, Portable Exercise Mat, Jump Rope, plus personal items – it all fits nicely into the Premium Nylon Carry Bag, without you having to worry about it busting at the seams.

“We reinforced the design from the original drawstring bag,” says James. “We added double-stitching throughout, but we realized that we needed a super heavy-duty material as well, so we went with a special ripstop-design nylon and thick rope straps.” 

Aside from size, strength, and durability, this bag is compartmentalized to keep your things in order. The bag itself will hold your bands and water bottle, the front pocket can be used for a jump rope or anchor, and the smaller inside pocket stores your phone, keys, money, etc. (Both pockets include secure zippers.) 

“I can fit all my Undersun gear and more into this one bag,” says James. “My bands, my mat, my jump rope, my phone, my wallet – everything I need.”

Undersun Premium Nylon Carry Bag Key Features


Heavy-Duty Material and Design – Built to last, the Undersun Premium Bag is constructed of hexagonal-shaped “ripstop” nylon that resists tearing and will withstands repeated stress. Double-stitched seams add more strength, as do thicker-than-normal rope drawstrings. 

Ideal Size for Your On-the-Go Equipment – The bag measures 14’x18’, making it the perfect size to comfortably fit a full 5-band set in the main compartment. It’s lightweight yet spacious and practical. 

Convenient Pouches Hold Smaller Items – You don’t want your jump rope and outdoor anchor tangled with your bands, or your phone and keys getting lost among other items. The larger front side pocket and smaller inside pouch (both zippered) solve this issue. 


Available in Two Colors – Undersun orange or classic black? Your call. The Undersun Premium Nylon Carry Bag is as attractive as it is functional. Both colors include a white printed Undersun logo.

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