Undersun Fitness

- 9 March

If you haven’t signed up for the Undersun Rewards program yet, you’re missing out on some serious deals and savings. This isn’t just another obligatory points program like you see from other companies.  We’ve not only made it easy to earn but we’ve also made sure that the points have more value!

For example, by simply doing a video review you can earn 250 points that are worth $25 in the Undersun store.   If you refer a friend you can potentially earn another 250 points, and those are just a few easy ways to earn some real rewards.  Heck, you even earn 50 points, just for signing up for the program.   How many points programs do you know of that offer that kind of savings?

How to Start Reaping Rewards

First things first: Hit the JOIN NOW button on the Undersun Rewards page.

If you already have a TA2 account, you’re already signed up. Just login to access your Rewards panel.

Points add up fast in the Undersun Rewards program. Every 10 points you earn equates to $1 of spending credit, and there are a number of ways to rack up points. When you reach 500 points (which is surprisingly easy to do), you’ll have VIP status the Undersun Tribe, which will earn you further privileges. As a VIP you’ll get exclusive deals and first access to new products.

Here’s how to earn Undersun Rewards points:


  • 1 point for every dollar you spend on Undersun products. This includes bands, TA2 programs, accessories, gear, anything we offer. For example, buy a Fat-Burning and Body Toning Bundle for $109, and you’ll get 109 Rewards points. That will get you $10 off your next Undersun purchase.  Maybe you want to get a set of hip bands, gloves,  or some merch from the Undersun Store, your choice!
  • 10 points for following Undersun Fitness on social media. Doesn’t get much easier than this. Like, follow, or subscribe to any one of our social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, etc.) and you’ll earn a quick buck with a simple click. 
  • 250 points for a video review. This is a big one. Post a video on your YouTube, Facebook, or Instagram channel showing friends your Undersun bands or TA2 program and giving a quick overview of the benefits and how it’s used, and you’ll have $25 to spend on other Undersun products. 
  • 250 points for referring a friend. This is a great reward! Recommending Undersun bands and TA2 programs to a friend or family member can make a huge impact on someone’s physical and mental health. That’s the first benefit. As a bonus, you’ll get $25 to spend at All your friend has to do is click your unique referral link and make a purchase of $75 or more, and the 250 points will be dropped into your Rewards account. 


As you can see, Undersun Rewards offers some amazing benefits. Think about it: $25 off your next purchase simply for shooting a video or referring a friend? Some Undersun products don’t even cost $25!  

Undersun Rewards can be redeemed not just for savings on future purchases, but also for free promotional products, free shipping, and Undersun Fitness gift cards. 

The Undersun Fitness brand is committed to helping you achieve your loftiest health and fitness goals with practical, effective, and affordable training tools. The Undersun Rewards program makes it even more affordable!