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- 27 January

One of the easiest ways to enhance your resistance band workouts is with a pair of microfiber full finger Undersun Workout Gloves. Aside from improving grip strength, these gloves will also protect your hands from irritation.

Undersun Workout Gloves Description

“I never used to wear gloves when I weight-trained,” says Undersun owner and founder James Grage. “But when I started using bands, I found that they can be tough on the hands and create a lot of friction with the skin on certain places of your hands. With free weights, you feel it in your palms and you build up calluses. But the bands pinch the sides of the hands – inside by your thumb and the outside of the hand.” 

The current Undersun Workout Gloves are actually version 3 of an original design inspired by mountain bike gloves. 

“When I came out with the first version of Undersun gloves, I went for that same fit and feel of mountain bike gloves, but with pads on the outside of the hands made specifically for training with resistance bands,” says Grage. “Then, with version 2, we beefed up the material on the side, but that made it too stiff and the gloves were too tight. So, this third version takes all the best features of the first two versions and adds other improved features.” 

Undersun Workout Gloves are the only gloves made specifically for training with loop-style bands, but they can be used for more than just workouts.  

“Even though they were made for resistance band training,” says Grage, “ these are great multipurpose gloves. You can use them for all sorts of things, including mountain biking and racquet sports. They’re comfortable, they look cool, they’re versatile, and of course they’re perfect for training with bands.”

Undersun Workout Gloves Key Features 

Upgraded Material – The microfiber gloves are form fitting, soft, and stretchy, but they also offer maximum protection for the hands. This is due to upgrades of both the material and stitching to make the gloves stronger and more durable.

Touchscreen-Friendly Fingers – Because a lot of people wear their Undersun Workout Gloves when doing mobile TA2 workouts, touchscreen material was added to the index finger and thumb of both left and right gloves. No more having to take off your gloves to swipe on your phone. 

Sweat-Absorbing Material – With the top side of the thumb, you can conveniently wipe sweat off your forehead during a hard workout. 

New Undersun Graphics – Within the pattern of the design on the top side of each glove is a hidden US. “That’s obviously short for Undersun,” says Grage, “but it also signifies the unity of the Undersun Tribe – it’s US as a community.” Undersun Workout Gloves come in two colors: black with orange, and black with grey.

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