Undersun Fitness

- 5 February

If you’re going to train outdoors with your Undersun Resistance Bands (which we highly recommend!), make sure you’re fully equipped from head to toe. Where the head is concerned,  particularly in the winter months, we’ve got you covered with the stylish and comfortable Undersun Beanie. 

Undersun Beanie Description

This is sure to become your go-to hat when the weather drops and you still want to stay active outside. It’s warmer than many super-thin sports beanies, but not as thick as the hardcore winter hats that get your head hot and sweaty. The Undersun Beanie was designed with both comfort and working out in mind.  

Style was a consideration, too. The classic cuff design and leather stitched-on Undersun logo patch check that box. “The first criteria for any new apparel we create is that it has to be something that we would wear ourselves – a cool style with the highest quality,” says Undersun Fitness owner and founder James Grage.

TA2 Bodyshock lead trainer Annik Nayler had the same basic request as many Undersun Tribe members asking for more branded gear: “I just wanted something awesome to wear when it’s cold in the morning! [laughs]. It’s simple really: We listened to what our tribe wanted, and then delivered.”

Grage and Nayler live in sunny Florida, but the Undersun Beanie passes the test in colder climates, too. 

“The Undersun beanie is perfect for outdoor resistance band workouts,” says Undersun Fitness Project Manager Emily West, who lives in Salt Lake City, Utah. “I also wear it while hiking, jogging, and general ‘around town’ use. I live in a cold mountain climate from November to March that requires me to bundle up anytime I leave the house. The Undersun Beanie is my go-to! From snowboarding to resistance band training to grocery store runs, it never fails to keep me cozy and warm.”

Undersun Beanie Key Features

Soft and Comfortable – The beanie’s 100% acrylic material doesn’t irritate the skin or hair, even after wearing for long periods of time. 

Perfect Fit – This one-size-fits-all beanie is snug and cozy and adjusts nicely to the head. Not too tight, not too loose. It’s also the right length for keeping the ears warm without too much ‘loose space’ at the top of the head.

Versatile Styling – The classic cuff-style Undersun Beanie comes in black, with a dark grey leather Undersun patch stitched on the front. It pairs well with any workout or casual attire and has a high-quality, custom look. 

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