Undersun Fitness

- 10 November

After much anticipation and a lot of hard work, UNDERSUN Fitness Founder, James Grage, and his team are beyond excited to announce the beta release of the TA2 Mobile Training App! The TA2 Mobile Training App allows the user to take their workouts with them ANYWHERE. Grab your bands, and your phone. Let’s GO!

Today, we’re going to be walking you through some steps on how to access the TA2 mobile app for the first time. It’s important to follow each of these steps for a successful transition from using the web browser login. Please keep in mind that the app is still in beta version. IOS available now, Android soon to come! We want your feedback on what you love, and what can be improved. Keep in mind, TA2 BODYSHOCK has not yet been added to the app, you will need to access it via the webapp.  


Look for an email with the subject line “Undersun Fitness Digital Program Code.” In that email you’ll find important information for logging in, including a link for the “app store download” button. You can also download the app through the app store by searching ‘Undersun Fitness’.

Open the app once it has fully downloaded to your phone or tablet. Your first prompt is going to be a permission certification to send push notifications to your phone. We highly recommend that you click allow.  Achieving our fitness goals requires structure and accountability, and by allowing the notifications you’ll receive automatic reminders for your scheduled workouts, on the times that you specify in your workout calendar.

The first time you login to the app, you’re going to be prompted with this login screen. It’s important to note that if you have an existing TA2 login for the online portal it will not work here. The app uses a separate login system which is why you must walk through these initial steps to set up your account.

Click the ‘Sign Up’ button on the app login screen and fill out the fields. You may use any email you’d like to create your account. Once you’re finished signing up, you’ll want to go back to your email and click on the verification link. After confirming your account, you can use the login you created to sign in! It’s important to note that this step does not automatically activate your existing TA2 program. The steps below will show you how to link your existing TA2 program that you’ve purchased to the TA2 Training App.


When you come into the app for the very first time, you’ll see a few tabs at the bottom. The first tab you land on says “Dashboard”. We’ll cover that one last.

The second tab says “TA2 programs” which shows all of the TA2 programs that can be purchased for the app.  As new programs are released this is where you’ll find them.

The next is the “articles” tab.  Currently in this beta version you’ll find all articles from the site,  but in the future we will be rolling out exclusive training tips, workouts and other content. TA2 Tribe members, will get free access to this exclusive content!

The very last tab on the right is the “profile” tab.  Once open let’s click on the pencil icon at the top to edit your profile. When you’re done, click “save”.


Go back to the first email you received, with the subject line “Undersun Fitness Digital Program Code”. Scroll down toward the bottom and you’ll see a 6-digit activation code. This code is going to be unique to you and will give you access to all of your previously purchased TA2 programs.

There are 2 ways you can activate your program:

Option #1: You can select and copy the six digit code. Then open the app and head to your profile. Click the “gear” icon. The second option in the list says “redeem license code”. Click on that, and then paste the six digit code from your email. 

Option #2: Make sure that you’re logged in to the app.  Then go to that email and click the “Activate Program” button.  This will automatically copy that code in the app and activate it for you.

Now, let’s open the app and then click on “My Programs” at the top. You should now see your purchased programs here!


Go ahead and click into your purchased program and let’s schedule your first workout. Click “Get Started”.  You’ll see an introduction or overview of all of the different workouts you’ll find in this program.

Let’s go ahead and click on “Schedule Program”. The first step is selecting the date for your very first workout.  This allows you to set your own workout days for the week, which is a nice upgrade from the original webapp. As you’re setting up your schedule, keep in mind that rest days are important!

Next we have a time slot. This is important for creating that structure for yourself.  You can’t be disciplined to a schedule if you don’t have a schedule.  Select the time for each of your workout days. Based on your weekly schedule you can adjust your workout times and get those reminders, helping you stay on track.  Click ‘Confirm’ once you’re done, and then ‘Finished’.

From here, you may either click “Start Program”, or read below to learn how to access it later.


Go back to the home page of the app and click on “Dashboard'” to the very left of your menu. You’ll see that it has been filled in with the information from your workout program.

Click on ‘”Open Workout List”, and that’s how you will get back to that same screen to start your workout. Select the first day of your workout schedule and click “Start Workout”. 

For each workout day you’re going to have a preview of all the exercises that are involved in that day’s workout. Go ahead and click on “Start” to begin your workout.

You’re going to find the same instruction videos that you found on the TA2 website. We still have the side by side images for easy reference on each exercise with the added bonus of set and rep count for each exercise, plus the equipment needed. 

If you’re familiar with working out on the TA2 webapp before, you’ll see that you still have the ability to view the instructional video. One of the cool updates is the ability to track each set of every workout.  This data will be stored in your journal for reference.  After each set you’ll click “Done” and then it’s going to ask you to confirm the number of reps that you were able to do. Click “Next” after confirming your reps.

Now our timer automatically starts, counting down your recommended rest time between sets.  In the beginning you can always take an extra breather if you need to. 

Continue through your workout, repeating these steps with each exercise. If for some reason you need to pause your workout, you can click on the small red flag icon in the top right corner of your screen.


When you are finished, you’ll have the opportunity to rate the intensity of your workout with an RPE scale, or “Rate of Perceived Exertion”. This is important for both tracking your progress as well as keeping yourself honest with how much effort you put into your workout. Remember you only get out what you put in!

After rating your effort go ahead and click “Confirm”. You’ll now see this summary card after completing all your workouts for the day. 

If you click the back button and go down to the “Dashboard” tab you can access all your stats and tracked information.

Now you’ve got the tools to create that structure and accountability that it takes to your fitness goals. All it takes now is some commitment, work and consistency – – so grab your bands, let’s get started!

 We want your feedback! Submit any thoughts or issues you experience HERE.