Undersun Fitness

- 6 January

Here’s a common – and perplexing – Covid-19 question a lot of people are asking right now: 


If I gained unwanted weight because the gyms were shut down during Covid, how do I go about losing covid weight when I’m still unable (or unwilling) to go to the gym?


The struggle to stay fit during the pandemic is very real when you consider gym closings, the fear of being around other people and getting sick, and wage losses that don’t allow you to drop thousands (or even hundreds) of dollars on pricey home gym equipment. 


All that said, you can and will lose the Covid weight. Here’s how you’re going to do it, in 4 easy steps…


1) Create a Home Gym on the Cheap


The first thing to realize is that you do NOT need a commercial gym to lose weight and get in shape. Nor do you need to spend tons of money on the latest at-home fitness contraption. 


Most people who get in great shape at home do so with a minimalist setup. In fact, a set of resistance bands that costs less than $80 is all the equipment you need for a highly effective fat-burning workout. 


Resistance training is the most efficient form of exercise for losing weight – way better than long, boring cardio sessions on a treadmill, bike, or elliptical. Fatiguing your muscles with strength-training exercises causes your body to work overtime after the workout to repair the exhausted muscle tissue; this recovery process lasts many hours (even days), all while consuming a lot of calories and boosting the body’s metabolism. 

Research has proven that resistance bands create the same muscle-fatiguing effects as free weights and machines – with the added benefit of linear variable resistance that’s inherent to rubber bands (where the resistance increases the more you stretch the band). 


Resistance bands are far less expensive than weights and machines, take up much less space in your house, can be taken anywhere, and deliver maximum fat loss benefits. It’s the simplest home gym setup you can find! 


2) Find Your Workout


Once you have your bands, you’ll need to figure out your workouts. If you’re new to resistance training and/or bands, this can be daunting. There are a number of exercise articles online, but almost none of them give you an exact program to follow with resistance bands.


One great resource for band programs is Undersun Fitness. Undersun’s TA2 (Train Anytime, Train Anywhere) digital programs provide all the workouts and instruction you need to get maximum benefits from your bands without going to a gym. TA2 Bodyshock, a 90-day fat loss routine, is a great option for those looking to lose the Covid weight. 


3) Take Your Exercise Outdoors


Natural vitamin D from the sun and some fresh air are great for both the body and soul. Not to mention, the great outdoors makes for a fantastic gym!


Get out of your house whenever you can and do an outdoor bands/TA2 workout. Add a walk around the neighborhood or a local park to your daily regimen. If you own a bike, go for a ride. If you’re a runner, go for a light jog. 


Don’t stay trapped indoors – get outside. And don’t forget your bands! 

4) When Necessary, Go Easier on Yourself


We all have those days where the last thing we want to do is work out, even if it’s at home. “Not feeling it” doesn’t make you lazy or a bad person, so don’t beat yourself up. When you’re feeling blah about working out, just lower the bar for yourself that day.


Keep this in mind: The worst workout is always better than no workout. If you don’t feel like exercising for 30 or 45 minutes, commit to something easier – say, a 5-minute workout. After five minutes, you can decide if you want to do more.


With that mindset, it’s not daunting, because it’s only 5 minutes. And you may find that after getting started, you have the momentum to keep going for a full workout. 


The key is to keep it simple and just get started. That’s how to lose the Covid weight!


This isn’t just wishful thinking – this is happening every day, even in the midst of the pandemic. People are training at home and outdoors, losing weight, and getting in the best shape of their lives with bands only and TA2 programs. Visit the Undersun Tribe free Facebook group for the workout advice, motivation, and inspiration you need to get started!