Undersun Meal Shake Sampler

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Undersun Meal Shake Sampler


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Try it before you buy it! We’re so confident you’re going to love the Undersun Meal Shake that we’re giving you the opportunity to try both amazing-tasting flavors (Chocolate and Vanilla) to experience it for yourself! Starting from real California almonds, you’re getting the best-tasting plant-based superfood shake you’ve ever tried.

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Risk Free

Risk Free

Start off with one Chocolate and one Vanilla to decide if you like it. (We know you will!)

Delicious California Almonds

Delicious California Almonds

22 grams of plant-based protein never tasted so good! No pea, rice, hemp or soy. No gritty texture.

Ultra Convenient

Ultra Convenient

Single-serve pouches you can take anywhere. No big containers, no scoops, no measuring.

Simple Meal

Simple Meal

Mixes super easy water, or the beverage of your choice, for a smooth, creamy shake.

Complete Nutrition

Complete Nutrition

It’s not just protein. Vitamins, minerals, fiber, low-glycemic carbs, and healthy fats, too.

Start Here

Start Here

Get hooked on eating (and drinking) healthy with this meal shake!



We know you’re going to love this shake. But we also understand your reluctance to commit to a full-size box of shakes before tasting it. That’s fine. Try a couple first and let us know what you think.



Ever bought a big jug of protein powder, only to have it sit in your pantry untouched for months (or years) because it tastes awful? (We have.) That won’t happen with the Undersun Meal Shake.

First of all, it tastes amazing. But we’re also letting you try it first with this zero-commitment sample pack. How many other brands do this? We haven’t seen any. They just want to make a sale. All we want is for you to give our shake a try and judge for yourself.


Real California Almonds

Almonds are an excellent source of protein. And compared to other plant proteins like pea, rice, and quinoa, almonds are naturally great tasting with no gritty texture. So great tasting, in fact, that we didn't need to use any artificial sweeteners or flavors to make it taste great.


Fuel Your Goals

We formulated the Undersun Meal Shake to deliver proper nutrients to active, ambitious, health-conscious individuals. Use it after a workout for muscle recovery, or sip a shake in the morning or afternoon for sustained energy.


Clean, Easy Nutrition

Jugs of protein are cumbersome and don’t fit in your backpack, and scoops are messy and annoying. Your Undersun Meal Shake is convenient and portable. Rip open the pouch, put it in a shaker cup, and simply add water or your favorite milk alternative.


Plant Power

This is the perfect shake for anyone who wants to limit (or avoid) meat products and/or dairy-based powders while still getting ample high-quality protein. It’s great for your health and great for the environment.

Program highlights

UndersunAlmonds are an excellent source of protein. And compared to other plant proteins like pea, rice, and quinoa, almonds are naturally great tasting with no gritty texture. So great tasting, in fact, that we didn't need to use any artificial sweeteners or flavors to make it taste great.

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