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Make every workout instantly better – and your results, too – with Undersun’s most advanced workout gloves yet. With durable construction and a custom fit, these high-performance gloves will strengthen your grip and protect your hands when training with Undersun resistance bands.

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Ultimate Training Accessory

Ultimate Training Accessory

No more tearing up your skin! Better grip for enhanced workout performance and to protect your hands from rubbing and irritation with loop-style bands.

Perfect Fit for Comfort and Performance

Perfect Fit for Comfort and Performance

These gloves offer a true-to-size fit with soft, stretchable lycra between fingers and an adjustable velcro wrist strap that accommodates larger hands – up to XXL size.

High-Quality and Durable

High-Quality and Durable

Double-stitched and double-padded for maximum durability, yet flexible enough to make them ideal for all training exercises.

Materials Designed for Training

Materials Designed for Training

Breathable, quick-drying elastic nylon was specifically designed for intense workouts, even in hot outdoor conditions. Sweat-absorbent material around thumb enhances function and comfort.

Touchscreen-Friendly Fabric

Touchscreen-Friendly Fabric

The high-tech material on the index finger and thumb allow you to quickly scroll through workouts on the Undersun mobile app without removing the gloves.

2 Colors Available

2 Colors Available

Black with grey and black with orange provide two great-looking options, both with embossed Undersun logo on wrist strap and sun rays on the palm.





Undersun Workout Gloves are the perfect accessory for anyone who’s serious about fitness and trains regularly with loop-style resistance bands. These high-end gloves offer both comfort and improved grip. A better grip means better muscle contractions and more strength during workouts.

The Undersun Workout Glove has been recently enhanced from previous sets. With upgraded materials all the way around, the new design features more accurate sizing, better durability and breathability, improved touchscreen fingertips, more sweat-absorbant technology around the thumbs, and added Undersun “sun ray” branding.


Comfort is Key

Improving tactile grip and protecting the hands is critical for many serious athletes, including football players, hitters in baseball, soccer goalies, and even lifters. Consider yourself an athlete (because you are one), and don’t let your hands be your weak link.


Better Grip, Better Workouts

High-rep sets with resistance bands are great for sparking muscle growth as well as burning body fat – but if your grip gives out or your hands get irritated, you’re likely to cut sets short even though your muscle can keep going. With Undersun gloves, you’ll be able to take more sets to full muscle fatigue.


Build Bigger Arms

Maintaining your grip becomes more difficult on certain exercise variations like reverse curls for biceps and reverse-grip triceps pushdowns. Undersun Workout Gloves will help your grip immensely so you can stimulate more arm growth.


More Upper Body Strength

Your Undersun Workout Gloves will even help out when you’re not holding a band – for example, on band-assisted pull-ups. Your grip is often the first thing to give out when doing pull-ups. Now you’ll be able to bang out a few more reps.

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Are you tired of crowded gyms and expensive health club dues? Do you want to eliminate your gym commute and spend more time with your family and friends? If so, Undersun bands are for you, whether you’re a beginner or advanced.



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Simply hand wash in warm soapy water and allow to air dry (workout gloves). You can wipe down your resistance bands after a wash and store them in a dry area.

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