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    Resistance Bands Set (3 Bands)

    Sculpt a lean, muscular body – without going to the gym – with Undersun Strength Bands

    UPC: 860001052992

    Lose weight, build muscle and gain strength with Undersun Resistance Bands. Each loop resistance band is constructed with a durable seamless design to resist breakage and provide maximum results that you can take anywhere. We want to keep the planet green, and that's why all Undersun Resistance Bands are made of eco-friendly 100% Natural Latex.

    The 3-Band Complete Set includes 3 different levels of resistance: Light, Medium, and Heavy.


    Resistance Bands


    Build Muscle Size

    Build Muscle Strength

    Lose Body Fat

    Progressive Resistance

    Resistance in Horizontal Plane


    Linear Variable resistance (VRT)


    Provides Constant Tension


    Promotes Better Form (No Cheating)


    Low Cost


    Lightweight & Portable



    Undersun Strength Bands vs. Resistance Tube Bands

    There are two main types of bands on the market: loop bands (which is what Undersun Strength Bands are) and resistance tube bands.

    Tube bands typically have handles at either end, while loop bands are “closed” and don’t have ends, or handles.

    And while it may seem like handles would make the bands easier to grip and more user-friendly, this isn’t the case. First of all, gripping the band itself is just as easy as holding a handle.

    More Grip Options – Holding the band itself, as you do with Undersun Strength Bands, offers more possible grip positions and even allows you to switch grips mid-set. With handles, your hands are fixed in position and have less freedom to move and change grips.

    No “Dead Space” – The handles on tube bands create a “dead space” of a few inches (or more) between the end of the band and your hand. Not only can this make certain exercises feel clumsy, there’s no resistance in the dead space. With Undersun bands, there’s no dead space – your hand connects directly with the band – and thus, no loss of resistance.


    Who were Undersun Strength Bands designed for?

    • You want to build muscle, gain strength, and get leaner, but you want to train at home or outdoors instead of a crowded gym.


    • You travel frequently for business or pleasure and don’t want to miss workouts – you want your gym to travel with you!


    • You’re tired of paying expensive health club dues for equipment on the gym floor you never use.


    • You want to save time by eliminating your commute to the gym.


    • You want to maximize training intensity for better results by moving quickly from one exercise to another instead of having to walk from one end of the weight room to another.


    • You have limited space to train at home and don’t have room to store a barbell, weight plates, dumbbells or a bulky home gym.


    • You’re tired of beating up your body and getting injured with heavy barbells and dumbbells and would prefer the joint-friendly benefits offered by the variable resistance of bands.


    • You want to train just like elite athletes, including high-level fighters, who utilize performance-enhancing Variable Resistance Training via bands regularly in their programs.


    PLEASE NOTE: All visitors to this site are advised to consult their physician before beginning any exercise and/or nutrition program. Undersun Fitness and the contributors do not accept any responsibility for injury sustained as a result of following the advice or suggestions contained within the content of this site.

    Resistance Bands Sets and Bundles come with a 5 Year Limited warranty. You can learn more at undersunfitness.com/warranty

    Digital Program are valid for one year after purchase. For more information please contact support@undersunfitness.com