What is the warranty with my items?

Undersun Fitness offers a LIFETIME manufacturer warranty. If you ever notice any of your items beginning to fray, please contact Support@UndersunFitness.com with a photo of the damaged item. We are happy to replace it, free of charge, only the cost of shipping is required to dispatch the replacement order.

How to maintain/care for my resistance bands and workout gloves?

Simply hand wash in warm soapy water and allow to air dry (workout gloves). You can wipe down your resistance bands after a wash and store them in a dry area.

How long will I have access to my TA2 training program?

You will have access to your TA2 training program for one year after your login account is activated.

Do I have access to all TA2 training programs with my order?

No, you will have access to only the TA2 training program you selected with your TA2 Bundle. Our bundles are differentiated by fitness goals

What are the differences between TA2 Bodyshock and TA2 Build?

  • Our TA2 Bodyshock program is specifically for losing weight and toning the total body by incorporating HIIT and tabata exercises to crank up your stamina. This regimen will boost up your cardio that will shred off extra unwanted weight.
  • Our TA2 Build program is focused on building gains in specific areas such as arms/shoulders/back/chest. This program will have you training 5 days out of the week, where Bodyshock requires 3 days of training. Build requires more days to train because we want you to develop and fatigue those muscles to enhance the gaining process.
  • TA2 Bundles includes the same equipment as far as our full set of resistance bands (5), door anchor and travel bag. The difference is the style of training you select with your TA2 training program that is designed to achieve specific fitness goals.

What is included in our resistance band set?

Our resistance band set includes our 5 resistance bands, X-light/light/medium/heavy/X-heavy, and anchor.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, Undersun Fitness offers international shipping. You can locate your country at checkout.

What is Undersun Fitness’s return policy?

-Our 30 day guarantee refers to our resistance bands. If you are unsatisfied with them, you have up to 30 days to return your order with a 10% restocking fee applied.

Our TA2 training programs are a non refundable purchase, so if you are returning a TA2 Bundle, we will refund the cost of resistance bands ($98.95)

Are there additional Import charges for international customers?

-Once your order reaches international territory, your local customs will inspect your parcel for clearance into the country. Customs adds an import tax for their services and will be paid to your local customs agency.

Undersun Fitness is not responsible for this fee or service.

What do I do after I complete my 90 day training program?

-You will have access to your TA2 program for one years time after the purchase date.

Please challenge yourself after you complete our 90 program by increasing your resistance band level to remain progressing on your fitness journey 💪

Why are some exercises repeated?

-Month One is designed to formulate a foundation of resistance band training.

The exercises are repetitive because we are molding your body and muscles into a resistance style of training.

Once Month 2 & 3 come around, the exercises change up and anchored exercises are introduced.

Each month continues to provided progressive muscle overload and build and fatigue your muscles to ensure you are getting a total body workout each week 💪

What kind of nutritional program is TA2 Lean Build?

-Our TA2 Lean Build is our nutritional program designed to map out your meals at specific times with the breakdown requirements for each meal to achieve a lean build physique.

They're no workouts included in this program, our TA2 Build or Bodyshock Training Programs compliment our nutritional plan to give you the best results.

This food plan incorporates animal meat as the primary protein source in most meals.

There are 6 meals required to consume daily following along to this plan and 4/6 includes meat as the protein source.

You can use alternative foods for dietary restrictions, but this plan is not designed for those that are plant based.

How long should I rest between exercises?

-Ultimate resting period between each exercise is 30 seconds to 1 minute.

Always listen to your body, first and foremost. If you need to rest longer than a minute, please take your time to recover before you jump into the next exercise.

Can I train following both TA2 Build and TA2 Bodyshock?

-It is highly effective combining both TA2 Build and TA2 Bodyshock training programs if your overall fitness goal is to have a lean build. Combining the HIIT aspect from Bodyshock along with our Muscle building split regimen from Build, you will be on track to shred unwanted fat and converting into lean muscle mass 💪

Will I stretch out the bands because I am taller than the average person?

-Training with our loop style resistance bands provides linear variable resistance with each rep. This means, the further the bands are stretched, the more of a pump you will provide for your muscles. Being that height is on your side, you have the advantage in length and will provide more tension to your pump with the added height.

What are the resistance levels for each resistance band?

-X-light: (5-15 lbs)

-Light: (20-35 lbs)

-Medium: (30-50 lbs)

-Heavy: (40-80 lbs)

-X-Heavy: (50-120 lbs)

What do the numbers on the resistance bands represent?

The numbers on the resistance bands are indicators for your hand placement. The lower your hands are placed to the anchoring point, the more resistance is included with each rep. Just as the further away your hands are placed on the resistance bands, the less resistance is applied to each rep.

Who are Undersun Fitness’s verified distributors?

Our verified distributors of our products include Amazon, BodyBuilding.com and of course UndersunFitness.com




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