Are you looking to represent Undersun Fitness and make cash? Join the Undersun Fitness Affiliate program and earn up to 10% on every qualified order you send our way. The Undersun team is looking for passionate athletes and members of the fitness industry who are continually striving to better themselves. They are innovators and trendsetters who are passionate about breaking out of the gym's 4 walls by using resistance band training to help others and themselves train anywhere, anytime.

We've partnered with AvantLink, the leader in Affiliate Marketing technology, to offer you a robust set of Affiliate tools free of charge, and the best support in the business. AvantLink's technology will help you maintain accurate campaign information and work more efficiently.


Program highlights include:

  • 60-day cookie window - Often, the traffic you refer may not convert immediately. We offer a large window for getting credit on sales.
  • Average order value $95+ - On average, you may receive $9.50 for every sale you refer to us.
  • Return rate under 1% - We will reverse commissions on orders that are refunded. We take great strides to ensure users are happy with their order. As a result, we have some of the lowest return rates.

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How Does Affiliate Marketing Work?

Using Avantlink, you will generate unique site links that you will share on social media or your website. When your fans or family visit these links, Avantlink tracks them and records a sale when they purchase. In turn, you may be eligible for a commission on that sale!

Am I Eligible?

Anyone who is 18 years or older with a website or social media account can apply.

Who Is Avantlink?

Avantlink is a third party platform we have partnered with the facilitate tracking sales and handling payouts.

How Do I Join?

You will first apply to the Avantlink program using the form found here. When completing the form, a common error is the Website URL. For this, you should enter your web address. Do not enter our website (! If you do not have a website, you can use your social media profile link. An example of a proper website URL for a social profile is

What Happens After I Complete the Form?

Avantlink will send a confirmation email with steps on how to verify your site ownership. Follow the steps in their email that are appropriate for the site type you provided. After the verification is complete, you will join the Undersun Affiliate Program.

Shortly after joining, you will receive instructional videos on how to generate links and further information on how to get paid!

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