- 7 February

Hey Tribe!

James here. Wanted to give you a quick update on the TA2 Mobile App.

I’ve had a lot of tribe members reach out recently with different questions and concerns pertaining to the app, so I wanted to take a minute to fill you in on where things are at.

Since the launch of the app (which now in retrospect I realize was premature) we’ve been collecting all user feedback, as well as conducting our own internal audits, to correct issues. So far we’ve been able to correct many of these issues and we continue to work on it everyday. We have a whole new wave of improvements and updates coming in the next few weeks.

We also hired a leading App Development/quality assurance/audit company to help us improve the app on an ongoing basis. It’s our goal to deliver the very best possible product to you, to help you reach your health in fitness goals.

In the meantime I give you my commitment that as we continue to work on the mobile app we will continue to keep the web-based version of and running. Thank you very much for all your patience and understanding.

If you have any specific feedback please feel free to share that by clicking on the link below. That feedback is invaluable for helping us make this app great.