- 19 March

The coronavirus outbreak has prompted the closure of gyms and fitness clubs nationwide. Most of the large chains, including 24-Hour Fitness, LA Fitness, Orangetheory, Gold’s Gym and Equinox have all made announcements that they will be temporarily closing their doors. 

Some of the closures are voluntary, as a responsible effort to “flatten the curve” of infection,  but some cities, such as LA and NY, are including gyms and fitness centers with restaurants and other gathering places as part of a temporary shutdown. 

Now,  just because the gyms are closing, doesn’t mean you should skip your workouts.  It’s extremely important to take care of your body and mind. This includes good sleep habits, healthy nutrition, and regular exercise. Maintaining your normal workout routine is extremely valuable from a health perspective.  Exercise can help regulate the autonomic nervous system and keep it in balance. Physical activity may help flush bacteria out of the lungs and airways, reducing your chance of getting ill.  Exercise also causes change in antibodies and white blood cells, which are the body’s “immune system cells” that fight disease.

So how do you get your workouts in with all the gyms closing, especially when you’re used to having access to an entire gym’s worth of weights and machines? The good news is you can get the same quality workout at home, with minimal equipment.  One great option is working out with resistance bands. Not only are they cost-effective and portable, but they are also highly effective for almost all styles of training.  

They are so effective, that Fitness Expert James Grage, made the decision to train exclusively with bands over two and a half years ago.  “I feel stronger and healthier than I did all those years working out in the gym”, said James. His passion for resistance band training led to him founding Undersun Fitness, a company dedicated to resistance band equipment and training programs.  “Not only can you create enough resistance with bands to build muscle but you can also use them for HIIT style workouts, as well as sport-specific training. They are an incredibly versatile piece of equipment”, said Grage.   

If you’re looking for a solution that will not only get you through the coming weeks of gym-closures, and at the same time is a great long-term investment in your fitness goals, then check out some of the programs and bands on Undersun’s website or on Amazon.