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- 11 June


Resistance Band training expert James Grage, understands exactly how effective Resistance Bands can be when used properly, and he’s here to show you just that. Here are some great tips on how you can incorporate resistance bands into your next bodyweight routine, to get a gym-level workout. Whether you are looking to add more resistance to an exercise, or assist yourself and take some resistance off an exercise, Resistance Bands are here to help!



Bring The Gym Anywhere With You

As home workouts get more and more popular, it is important to know just how easy it is to take your bodyweight workout to the next level. Resistance Bands are not only a great tool for building muscle and burning fat, but also a representation of the true meaning of Fitness Freedom. No more heavy gym equipment, or wasting time going to the gym. With a set of Undersun Resistance Bands you now have the tools to duplicate any gym exercise with the freedom to Train Anytime, and Train Anywhere.

Now, there’s two reasons you might want to incorporate resistance bands into your bodyweight only exercises.

1. Add more Resistance to an exercise 

2. Assist in an exercise (take resistance off)


|Using Bands To Assist|

A common reason Resistance Bands are used is to assist with difficult bodyweight exercises, such as triceps dips. Many of us often find ourselves skipping difficult bodyweight exercises mainly because they are so difficult to do. But their difficulty is an indication of how beneficial they are.  If you’re one of many people who feel that the journey to a tricep dip is daunting, James Grage is here to show you that it doesn’t have to be! In fact, if you follow the correct steps toward gaining strength where you need it, and train your muscles with proper technique, mastering these difficult exercises will be more than attainable. 

As Grage demonstrates, the first example that he talks about is doing dips. You can do as many repetitions as you can with your bodyweight and once you reach that point where you fatigue, and you want to go ahead and get a few more reps in there, anchor the Resistance Band to the machine, put it under knee or foot and assist with that exercise to help you up. At the bottom of the range of motion where we are the weakest, we’re stretching the band the most and therefore getting that assistance that we need to max out every rep.


|Using Bands to Resist|

Now we apply the same concept in the opposite way. If we were to take the band and use it to make an exercise harder like we would with pushups, we have the exact same principle. What makes Undersun Resistance Bands uniquely effective for assistance and resisting exercises is the power of variable resistance. The further you stretch the band, the harder it gets. As Grage demonstrates in the second exercise, as he pushes up, the band is stretching more, therefore creating more resistance. We are stronger at the top of the range of motion, so now, that strength curve more closely matches the resistance created by the band. 

Push-Ups are not the only exercise you can add more resistance to. You can use a band to add resistance to any of your home workouts or even your strongest gym lifts, to build even more size and strength. Check out this short video to see exactly how Grage uses these bands to get a better bodyweight workout. If you’re interested in more workout ideas that you can do anymore, make sure to check out the Undersun TA2 Resistance Band training program here!