How To Incorporate A Spotify Playlist With Your Undersun Mobile App Workouts

Undersun Fitness

- 20 January

Nothing can get you more pumped up and motivated for a hard workout like some music.  The great news is the Undersun Mobile App gives you the option to listen to your favorite music playlists during your TA2 workouts.

Here's a quick tutorial on how to use this feature:

Open your TA2 Workout within the app.  On your daily workouts snapshot you will click the orange “start workout” button.

If you already have the Spotify App on your phone you will be prompted within the Undersun app to open Spotify. If you don’t have an account you have the option to download the Spotify app. 

Once you’ve downloaded the app and have logged in for the first time and created your playlists open the Undersun app.  When you start your workout the app will ask you to “open” Spotify.

Click “Agree” on the next screen.

Now each time you start your workouts you will automatically be prompted to choose your playlist.

If you haven’t created any playlists then you will need to first create those within the Spotify app. 

You can create your own unique playlists or you can use other people’s playlists. We suggest you start off with some of our favorite playlists from our very own Undersun co-founder, Annik Nayler.

Once you select a playlist that you like, click the heart icon which will automatically save it to your playlists. At the beginning of each workout you will be prompted to select your playlist.  

If you don’t wish to listen to music you have two options.  You can either click “workout with no music” or you can go to ‘Profile’ then ‘Settings’ and then turn off the orange slider for Spotify.   

While listening to music within the Undersun App you can click the Orange Spotify icon in the upper right corner which will open a pop-up where you can skip songs, go back, pause, loop your playlist or auto mix it.

You can even have some fun by sharing your favorite playlists within the Undersun Community. Just open your Spotify app, select your favorite playlist and then click the “share” icon.

Now you’re ready to enjoy your favorite music tracks to help push your workouts to the next level! Download the Undersun Mobile App to get started!