- 4 May


Chances are you’ve heard of HIIT workouts, but not exactly sure what this type of training is all about. And even if you do, maybe you’re just in search for a super quick total body workout that you can sneak into your day. Resistance Band Training Expert James Grage and fitness model David Morin got you covered with something that is a little bit different. They teamed up with to give you a new look at HIIT workouts.

HIIT, or high-intensity interval training, is a training technique where there is very little downtime built in, and exercises are done in bursts. Typically, strength training and cardio are combined to create a fat-burning, high intensity workout. 

James Grage and David Morin are changing up the HIIT game by adding some variable resistance to their traditional HIIT workout. Combining the fat-burning benefits of High Intensity-Interval Training with the lean Muscle Building benefits of Resistance Bands, for Total Body Conditioning in roughly 20 min. Check it out! 



With this 20 minute total-body workout, you get all the calorie-burning benefits of High Intensity Interval Training, including the “afterburn effect”.  

After high intensity exercise your body will continue to burn more calories as it restores itself. This effect is called Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption or EPOC. When you replace free weights with resistance bands, you will get all those same benefits, with less impact and joint stress, plus the total body conditioning of resistance band exercises, to build lean muscle. 




AN ENTIRE GYM IN A BAG: Build Muscle, Burn Fat

Aside from their convenience (portable, versatile, inexpensive), Undersun Resistance Bands have the ability to duplicate any gym exercise, while offering the same Muscle-Building benefits as barbells and dumbbells, plus a host of other features. Such as:

  • Resistance in a horizontal plane 
  • Linear variable resistance (VRT) 
  • Constant tension throughout 

Let’s look at the goal of building muscle, specifically. What your body responds to is tension or resistance. And there is a myriad of ways to get that effect. For example, curl a giant rock – this creates resistance. Or sit on a bicep machine in a gym – that’s resistance too. Free weights, resistance bands, machines – they are all tools that create mechanical tension to build muscle.

UNDERSUN Resistance Bands create a very unique kind of tension called VRT, or Variable Resistance Training. VRT more closely matches the natural strength curve of your muscles than weights, which means better muscular contractions and therefore more muscle-building benefits.



The following workout was designed to be performed with one of the 5 resistance bands provided in your Undersun Fitness Resistance Band set. Giving you the freedom to take your workouts anywhere, and train anytime! 

Each of the 11 exercises mentioned are done for 60 seconds with only 30 seconds of rest in between. Due to the short rest periods, the workout will get significantly more difficult as you progress, but don’t give up!



20-Minute Workout 

After 3-5 minutes of dynamic stretching, jump right into the workout. Rest 30 seconds between exercises. 

1. 0:45 Resistance Band split squat: 60 seconds – 1 set only (one side) 

2. 3:10 Resistance Band split squat: 60 seconds – 1 set only (other side) 

3. 4:34 Resistance Band biceps curl: 60 seconds – 1 set 

4. 6:00 Resistance Band squat: 60 seconds – 1 set 

5. 7:28 Resistance Band shoulder press: 60 seconds – 1 set 

6. 8:52 Squat hold with resistance band pull-apart: 60 seconds – 1 set

7. 10:24 Band-resisted Push-up: 60 seconds – 1 set

8. 11:57 Band-resisted Archer Pull: 60 seconds – 1 set (one side) 

9. 13:43 Band-resisted Archer Pull: 60 seconds – 1 set (other side)

10. 15:12 Resistance band overhead triceps extension: 60 seconds – 1 set

11. 16:51 Crunches: 60 seconds – 1 set



Make sure to grab the right resistance level to properly complete each exercise. 


Band Split Squats ( right foot, left foot) 

To perform this exercise, anchor the resistance band right under your front foot. Make sure you get the band in the arch of your foot where the band wont move around, causing you to lose balance. Once you have the band secured, push straight back and begin to work those hamstrings & glutes. 
To create more resistance at the bottom of the range of motion, grab low next to your foot. The lower you grab the more resistance (heavier) there will be. 

Resistance Band Biceps Curl 



Anchor the band under both feet. Hold the opposite end of the band with both hands, thumbs facing upwards, and begin curling. 

Resistance Band Squat


Similar to biceps curl, anchor the band under both feet, about shoulder width apart. Hold the band up right over your shoulders with both hands. Squat down just as you would with a barbell. Keep your elbows and chin up throughout and drop your butt down, and your weight over your heels. 

Resistance Band Shoulder Press 

Same starting position as the banded squat. Anchor the band under both feet and bring the band right over your shoulders with both palms facing up. Keep a straight posture.Push upwards until your elbows are locked out, and return to the starting position. Remember, you can add more resistance to the exercise by simply widening your stance.


Squat Hold With Band Pull-Apart


This is a rear delt exercise, that works your lower body as well. Hold the band with arms horizontal out in front of you. keep your elbows unlocked and your posture upright. Get into a squat position and hold for the entire exercise. Pull the band as far as possible, hold for a moment squeezing your shoulder blades together and repeat for 60 seconds. 


Band Resisted push-Up


Hook your hands through the resistance band and wrap the band right under your shoulder blades. Get into regular push up stance, forming a straight line from your ankles to your head.

Lower your body until your chest nearly touches the floor. Slightly pause at the bottom, and push yourself back up to starting push-up position. 


Archer Pull

One of James Grage’s favorite exercises, the archer pull. Just like you would with a bow and arrow, hold one end of the band straight out, and pull back with the other hand. Complete this exercise on each side for a total of 2 minutes. 


Resistance Band Overhead Triceps Extension

Anchor the band under both feet, hold the other end with band hands and bring it straight overhead. Extend straight up and keep those elbows pointing to the ceiling. This exercise not only works your triceps, but also gives a burn to your core. Everything to stabilize for total body strength. 



This last exercise is to cool down, and bring your heart rate down gradually. Finish strong with one set of crunches, to work those abs. You don’t need bands for this exercise, just a bit of floor space and you’re ready to go! 

Curl your spine. If your back is flat, any ab exercise including leg lifts, roman chair means you’re not working your abs. You have to get that rounding in the back.  




Remember, this is just one of the many workouts that you can do with a set of Resistance bands. The opportunities are endless. Most importantly, you don’t have to rely on going to a gym or finding one. You now can take your workouts anywhere you want. You can work out from the privacy of your own home, you can do it while you travel,  outdoors, take it to the mountains, take it to the beach. Truly wherever you want, so it gives you a lot of freedom to be able to train anytime, and train anywhere!