- 7 April


Building better and bigger shoulders doesn’t always require a gym and heavy weights. Resistance Bands Training Expert James Grage shares some awesome tips for training shoulders using resistance bands, giving you the freedom to take your workout wherever and whenever you want! Follow along as he thoroughly explains each original free weight exercise and the resistance band equivalent. 



When using free weights you create a lot of momentum to get the weight up and at times lose proper form (00:42). What ends up happening is you don’t get the proper time under tension (TUT) you need per set in order to build muscle. 

So what is the perfect muscle building rep? 

To maximize hypertrophy, your total “time under tension” (TUT) on each set needs to be at least 30 seconds, up to a minute or even more. To achieve this TUT, each rep should take 3-4 seconds, performed in this manner: 

  • 1 second on the concentric (positive) phase of the rep 
  • 1/2 second to 1-second squeeze at the top of the rep 
  • 2 seconds on the eccentric (negative) phase of the rep 


Muscle Target: lateral deltoid (middle of shoulder) 


 Unlike free weights, resistance bands give you the freedom to adjust resistance on the go. You can create more resistance by simply shortening the length of the band with a wide stance or decrease resistance with a more narrow stance. You can also grab the resistance band wherever you want. By shortening the length of it you create resistance at the very beginning of the range of motion.

SHOULDER EXERCISE #2: FRONT RAISES (single-handed and/or double handed)

Muscle Target: Anterior deltoid (Front of shoulder) 



Muscle Target: Rear deltoid (back of shoulder)


The 3rd and final exercise focuses on your rear delts (back of shoulder). One tip when it comes to training rear delts, is keeping your scapula nice and stabilized. To properly perform this exercise focus on squeezing out, rather than squeezing back.


All three exercises are the same ones demonstrated by James Grage in the above video. Below, you’ll find written how-to descriptions for each move, plus recommended sets and reps.

All three exercises can be done in one workout for a complete workout that hits all angles and all parts of your shoulders.

As for sets and reps, use Grage’s hallmark 20-10-10-15 scheme on each exercise to maximize hypertrophy:

  • Set 1: A slow and controlled 20 reps.
  • Sets 2 and 3: 10 reps with additional weight. With these extra-heavy sets, adjust the resistance as necessary to complete the full number of reps.
  • Set 4: 15 explosive reps to work fast-twitch muscle fibers. Drop the weight back down to match the 20-rep set (Set 1). Performing the last set in double time burns out your muscles to achieve maximum pump.
  • Rest: 90 seconds between each set.  

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