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Whether your goal is to build muscle, or burn fat, we have the right resistance band training program for you. 


Undersun Founder and Chief Fitness Officer, James Grage, breaks down the principle of muscle building of ALL fitness equipment and demystifies training strategies. 
Ricky Campos is a force - both literally and figuratively.  Aside from striving to be the best husband and father to his family, Ricky embodies his purpose of serving his country and community as a retired Air Force Veteran and current Firefighter Captain, EMT and Instructor.


Being a gym-owner and trainer I have high expectations when it comes to workout programs, but I'm super impressed with the effectiveness of the TA2 workouts paired with the Undersun bands. The great thing about the entire setup is the versatility and portability. Endless!!!


Gym Owner/Trainer

I've been going to the gym, trying to reach some fitness goals that I set for myself, but as a mom with a small child, it's not always easy to make the time.  Just in the short time that I started working out with the Undersun bands and doing the TA2 program, I feel like I've already made great progress, and the best part is I can even do it at home.


Mom / Student

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