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    Resistance Bands Outdoor Anchor

    Take your resistance band workouts outside with the Undersun Outdoor Anchor, the first-ever outdoor anchoring solution made specifically for resistance bands.  Designed to anchor your Undersun Bands to anything that you can wrap a strap around, you can now take your workouts anywhere! 

    When training with resistance bands there are two primary types of movements -unanchored exercises, meaning you anchor one end of the band with your own body, and the other areanchored exercises, where you attach one end of the band to an anchor point.  

    Using anchor points gives you the ability to do more exercises, with more angles, to give maximum exercise options for your workouts.   Without anchored exercises you miss one of the best benefits of resistance band training, which is resistance in the horizontal plane.  This is something that you can’t do with free weights, where you only have a vertical plane of resistance (due to gravity).  Now you can do movements like the chest press, or rows for back, while standing up.   Not only is there no need for benches anymore, but now you’re training on your feet like an athlete.

    When training indoors, such as your home, hotel, or office,  the Undersun Door Anchor is a perfect solution, but what do you do when you’re outside, such as the beach, park or on a hike? 

    Anchoring the bands directly to rough, or uneven surfaces, like a tree, will damage the soft latex of the bands. This is why Undersun developed the first ever Outdoor Resistance Band anchor.  

    The Undersun Outdoor Anchor is made from an extremely strong and durable nylon webbing, with steel rings for securing the strap, and heavy-duty stitching.  At 7.5 feet long, and two different anchor loops, you have the flexibility to use this in almost any environment (except maybe the moon).   One loop is close to the buckle when you want to secure the band close to your anchor position.  The other loop is at the end of the strap when you might need more room, like you would when anchoring overhead, to say a tree branch.

    Now you can take your TA2 resistance band workouts outside….”Under the Sun”.


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