Get ready to transform your body, and your mindset. In as little as 30 minutes 3x week Together we’re going to develop where it counts!



What You Get with TA2 Tone Up!

90-Day Digital Bodyshock Program

2 Undersun Resistance Bands (Light, X-Light)

Fitness coach Annik Nayler to motivate and guide you

Challenging program for the results you need

Great value at only $59.99!


Only Three 30-Minute Workouts per Week

High-intensity interval training (HIIT), the muscle-sculpting benefits of resistance bands, and full-body movements, will have you losing fat and improving trouble spots (butt, thighs, arms, “love handles”) in less time

Easy-To-Follow Instruction

Fitness expert Annik Nayler will be your personal coach through all 90 days, showing you proper form on every set of every exercise.

Fast, Effective & Fun

Tabata intervals and other HIIT techniques are challenging yet suitable for women of all fitness levels. Highly efficient, highly effective, and never boring. “It was hard, I was sweating, but before I knew it, it was over!” says one TA2 tribe member about the Tone Up! workout.

Motivating Support Group

You’re not alone on the Tone Up! program. Be a part of the Undersun Tribe online for added motivation and assistance to push you to the results you need.  No workout wasted- Even while working Stomach, Butt & Arms TA2 Tone UP constantly challenges your core for a true total-body workout.

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