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TA2 Build Training - LP Preview

No matter how hard or long you train, you’re not going to build a lean,
muscular physique unless you’re following the right nutrition strategy.
When it comes to attaining and MAINTAINING a low body fat physique,
simplicity equals success. That’s why the TA2 Lean Build Nutrition Plan is not
a “diet”. In fact, it’s the opposite.
Specifically designed to take the
complication out of nutrition, TA2 Lean Build will help you put on muscle
WITHOUT putting on unwanted body fat. Unlike other nutrition strategies
that require weighing and restricting many types of foods, TA2 Lean Build
encourages you to eat the right foods – in the right portions – at the right
times. This scientifically-backed strategy will optimize the foods you’re
already eating to make them work WITH your training efforts so that you can
increase your muscle mass while decreasing body fat.
Created by a team of renowned fitness and nutrition experts, TA2 Lean Build is designed to simplify and evolve your nutrition strategy, giving you all the tools to achieve success 24/7, 365
  • Build Muscle
  • Stay Lean
  • Easy to Follow
  • Increase Metabolic Health
  • Manage Insulin Levels
  • Complete Food and Recipe Guide
  • NOT A FAD DIET - Sustainable Long Term

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