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    Meet Your Trainer - James Grage

    Resistance Bands workout on beach with fitness expert James Grage


    James Grage is a Fitness Expert & Entrepreneur with over 20-years of experience in the Fitness Industry. The foundation for his success was built with a pair of dumbbells, that he got for Christmas at the young age of 15. Working out not only helped him develop his body but more importantly helped him learn the discipline and focus that it took to bring his dreams and goals to life. 


    Like all of us though, he experienced his setbacks, one of which was a life-shattering car accident that changed James’ life forever. His long and strenuous road to recovery brought him a new sense of strength that he still harnesses today. From humble beginnings to co-founding one of the largest sports nutrition companies in the world, James’ was recently named one of the “30 Most Powerful People in Bodybuilding”, by Generation Iron. His life has been both a rags-to-riches and comeback story wrapped up in one. Now, James uses his experience to motivate others and prove that anything is possible. 

    Outdoor resistance bands workout with Fitness expert James Grage

     “I do what I do every day not just to help people achieve their fitness goals, but also to help them reach their full potential as a person,” says James. “I believe in using fitness as a stepping stone to master the skills to achieve happiness and success in all areas of your life.”