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Looking to build muscle and gain strength?

We all live busy lives, and getting into the gym isn't always easy or fun. With the TA2 Build Program, you not only get results fast, but you have the freedom to train anywhere you want, anytime you want!  This Muscle Building Program utilizes Resistance Bands workouts, following a 5-day training split, with each muscle-group trained on separate days. This approach allows for multiple exercises per body-part, a higher quality of work, and ultimately more muscle.

  • 5-Day/Week Muscle Building Split
  • Build Muscle & Strength 
  • Develop Explosive Strength
  • Workout Anywhere
  • Resistance Bands Workouts
  • Linear Variable Resistance


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Victor R.
United States United States

Must buy

Greattttt !! Buy. Will tell everyone I know

A Undersun Fitness  Customer
United States United States

Amazing Content!

For a very long time I had been looking for a complete resistance band workout in which I could systematically address every part of my body. With this progran I’ve been able to consistently work every part of my body one day at a time. I love it, it’s not time consuming and the results are great!

Fred Guerra


I am a physical trainer in France, and I was looking for a program to really build muscle and make conditioning out of the gym... that's why I took this program. I knew that resistance bands were a great way to train but with this program it's even better, my training has reached a higher level !! How effective is it !! If the freedom to train anywhere, anytime with the same efficiency as lifting weight in the gym is important for you then do not hesitate and buy the program! I use it for a month yet and I can see some changes yet, better strength and some physical changes.. , it is very well built, progressive and very easy to understand.. I recommend it to my clients. One last things, James, Annick and all the team behind undersunfitness are simply amazing, they are always here to answer questions, to give tips and advices and believe me all the community is just.... Whaou!!

Tod M.
United States United States

TA2 Build review

It’s a good plan - the app doesn’t need to have each week since it (so far) is the same for each month, and it would be good to be able to get a poster with the two workout position pictures so you don’t have to look at your phone all the time.

Krishnaraj J.
United States United States

Great product

The program is amazing. Getting stronger everyday and more definition and overall feeling great. Only thing I would like is an app version for the program. Otherwise it’s amazing

Paul O.
United States United States


Best band workouts i have ever did. Very pleased.

Brandon A.
United States United States

Love this program.

I absolutely love this program I feel incredible activation and workout burn with these exercises. There are only 2 reasons this is a 4 and not a 5. 1. The website is a bit clunky to navigate. It's a minor issue and not that big of a deal once you get used to it. 2. Some of the exercises recommended are extremely difficult to manage with a door anchor. I'm sure it's easier with a power rack that James has in the videos but the door anchor doesn't cut it sometimes. Also a few of the exercises do not seem as effective as others. I understand mixing it up but when the new exercise feels less effective as the previous you can't help but feel like you're wasting time with it.

Brandon L.
United States United States

How do I find the

How do I find the program just in the email ?

Undersun Fitness

Hi Brandon, You can log in to your TA2 program here: https://undersunfitness.com/pages/ta2-log-in If you need to create an account you can do that here: https://undersunfitness.com/account/register Be sure to create your account with the same email you have purchased with.

David W.
United States United States

On to Month 2

I am now in my 2nd month 1st week of TA2 Build and I must say the workouts are great even on my rest days I still feel like getting a workout in

Eric S.
United States United States

The Old Guy...

I’m 65 and have been strength traing with weights for a decade. I had to abandon certain lifts because of the stress on my joints. This program is fantastic and has opened up a whole new spectrum of possibilities for me. I love it and have been telling everyone.

Juan P.
United States United States

Master's Physique Natural Bodybuilding Competitor and Personal Trainer

Moved from standard weight training to strictly using bands and following the TA2 Build program. Love it! Very satisfied with the workout. The versatility and convenience is fantastic. Great pump too!!!

john v.
Australia Australia

Great Work Out

I love the work outs. I just super set everything as I go. For example, if doing cheats I add some compound squats to press. When not a chest night I finish with Abs and pushups. Very enjoyable, John

Klaus M.

TA2 Build - Great gains already

I train with resistance band exclusivly for about 3 years now an I made some good gains. What I like about TS2 Build is the fact that it isn't just a random mix of possible exercises for each musclegroup. You get a well designed program that works the muscle in different angles for complete development. I am in month 2 an I have gaines 4 cm on my arms since I began this program. And I'm into training quite a while. If you look for a well taylored program for muscle and strenght gains with bands this is for you.

Dannielle D.

TA2 Program

I have purchased this Three month program on my daughters account. I am 54 years old and and one month into the program and I’ve seen some really positive results. After working out with free weights for a number of years on and off and haven’t really progressed and always seem to hit a wall and seem to suffer more injuries. So many positives with the bands so portable and I get a different feel and pump looking forward to the next two months which I know will increase in intensity. Hopefully after the 90 days there will be another program to continue. Thanks love the podcasts also. Keep up the great work. Nick

Matthew P.
United States United States

Well laid out program.

The provided schedule and instructions are clear and easy to follow. Videos are specific and well worth the price. Great product.

Eric W.
United States

Game Changer

Excellent. I’m a healthcare professional with a hectic schedule. The Undersun program allows me to get in an awesome workout anywhere.....anytime. The convenience alone is worth the price. A bonus benefit is it’s easy on my 48 yr old joints!

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