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    Ricky Campos is a force - both literally and figuratively.  Aside from striving to be the best husband and father to his family, Ricky embodies his purpose of serving his country and community as a retired Air Force Veteran and current Firefighter Captain, EMT and Instructor.
    Commercial gyms need about 10 times the members their facilities can actually handle to be profitable. As the corporate gym industry grows, BILLIONS of dollars continue to be wasted by gym members each month because of the industry's model. Here's how to offset that. 
    Don’t fear carbohydrates. Eat the right kinds, in the right amounts, at the right times, and this critical macronutrient will help fuel your loftiest fitness goals.

    When it comes to reaching your fitness goals, there is no quick fix. So how do you set that goal, yet stay focused and motivated in the process knowing that it's going to take time?

    UNDERSUN Fitness Founder and Chief Fitness Officer, James Grage, answers popular questions about Fitness Overall, Resistance Band Training and Nutrition.
    Work your body head-to-toe for better strength and stability with this challenging yet highly effective move.

    "This isn't a gimmick, It's WHY I do what I do" - Undersun Founder, James Grage



    These 15- and 30-minute resistance bands workouts will get you stronger and leaner in 30 minutes or less.
    With so much information out there, how do you decipher what's legitimate and what's not?  
    Meal prep doesn't need to be an exhausting task, taking hours upon hours of your precious free time.
    Why you can't just rely solely on motivation and inspiration if you want to reach your goals. 
    You don't need a gym or weights to build a big chest.  With just a set of Undersun Resistance Bands you can get a gym-quality chest workout.  Try this workout and you’ll see that resistance bands are no joke.