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With so much information out there, how do you decipher what's legitimate and what's not?  
Meal prep doesn't need to be an exhausting task, taking hours upon hours of your precious free time.
Why you can't just rely solely on motivation and inspiration if you want to reach your goals. 
After completing this grueling workout, you’ll find that chest training with resistance bands is no joke. 
Master these step-by-step techniques and become better at pull-ups.

Whether your goal is to lose fat, gain muscle, nutrition plays a MAJOR role in not only attaining but MAINTAINING the results you desire. 

You’re putting in the effort, but not seeing your desired results. So what's missing in your game of #gainz?
Not only can resistance bands deliver the same results as free weights, they even have advantages over them.

You don’t need anything besides a few resistance bands and your own body. 

With so many things in the world to go see and so many things to do, the big question is why do so few of us actually do them?  What is it that stops us? We all have good reasons. Sometimes it’s responsibilities, sometimes it’s money, and sometimes it’s just a good old fashion lack of time.  We’re busy with day to day "life" and feel forced to put off the things that we really want to do, telling ourselves that we’ll get to it later.
We all recognize the benefits of going to the gym, but wouldn't it be nice to have the freedom to take your workouts anywhere?  Whether you're on a travel adventure to exotic places, a roadtrip across the US, or hiking the backcountry.  Resistance bands allow you to take your workouts wherever you want to go.
If you workout then it’s likely that you’ve heard terms like Progressive OverloadProgressive Resistance Training or even Linear Variable Resistance.   If it makes your head spin trying to discern the differences between the three - don’t worry, here’s a quick and simple breakdown between each.

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