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After completing this grueling workout, you’ll find that chest training with resistance bands is no joke. 
Master these step-by-step techniques and become better at pull-ups.
You’re putting in the effort, but not seeing your desired results. So what's missing in your game of #gainz?
If you workout then it’s likely that you’ve heard terms like Progressive OverloadProgressive Resistance Training or even Linear Variable Resistance.   If it makes your head spin trying to discern the differences between the three - don’t worry, here’s a quick and simple breakdown between each.
The average gym membership in the US costs almost $700 a year, according to a study by the Statistic Brain Research Institute, which means that means the gym industry is raking in well over $34 billion a year of us. Save yourself over $600 this year and invest in a pair of resistance bands - get a free workout program, and take your workouts anywhere.

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