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Undersun Founder and Chief Fitness Officer, James Grage, breaks down the principle of muscle building of ALL fitness equipment and demystifies training strategies. 
Commercial gyms need about 10 times the members their facilities can actually handle to be profitable. As the corporate gym industry grows, BILLIONS of dollars continue to be wasted by gym members each month because of the industry's model. Here's how to offset that. 

When it comes to reaching your fitness goals, there is no quick fix. So how do you set that goal, yet stay focused and motivated in the process knowing that it's going to take time?

You don’t need barbells and dumbbells to build bigger arms. You can do it just as effectively – and more conveniently – with a set of fitness strength bands.
UNDERSUN Fitness Founder and Chief Fitness Officer, James Grage, answers popular questions about Fitness Overall, Resistance Band Training and Nutrition.

"This isn't a gimmick, It's WHY I do what I do" - Undersun Founder, James Grage



Why you can't just rely solely on motivation and inspiration if you want to reach your goals. 
After completing this grueling workout, you’ll find that chest training with resistance bands is no joke. 
Master these step-by-step techniques and become better at pull-ups.

Whether your goal is to lose fat, gain muscle, nutrition plays a MAJOR role in not only attaining but MAINTAINING the results you desire. 

You’re putting in the effort, but not seeing your desired results. So what's missing in your game of #gainz?

You don’t need anything besides a few resistance bands and your own body. 

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