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    You don’t need barbells and dumbbells to build bigger arms. You can do it just as effectively – and more conveniently – with a set of Undersun Resistance Bands.

    Resistance Bands are as versatile as they are portable. A useful tool for at-home workouts, that you can also use at the gym to supplement your weight training. But for someone who has never used them before, you may have some unanswered questions about this style of training. Resistance Band Training Expert James Grage is here to help! Follow along as he explains 5 key factors to consider before buying a set of Resistance Bands to incorporate in your daily training and workouts.

    Resistance Band training expert, James Grage, understands exactly how effective Resistance Bands can be when used properly, and here's here to show you just that. Here are some great tips on how you incorporate resistance bands into your next bodyweight routine, to get a gym-level workout. Whether you are looking to add more resistance to an exercise, or assist yourself and take some resistance off an exercise, Resistance Bands are here to help!
    Build bigger and better back muscles duplicating any gym exercise using resistance bands. Follow along as Resistance Band Training Expert James Grage thoroughly explains each original free weight exercise and the resistance band equivalent, giving you the freedom to take your workouts wherever you want!
    Whether you use free weights or resistance bands, learn some awesome tips on how to properly train biceps for maximal growth and ultimate efficiency.
    Chances are you've heard of HIIT workouts, but not exactly sure what this type of training is all about. And even if you do, maybe you're just in search for a super-quick total body workout that you can sneak into your day. This high intensity resistance band workout will get you stronger and leaner in just 20 minutes! 

    Fitness Chef and Type 2 Diabetes advocate Thom Zwawa is changing lives through healthy food and fitness – one healthy, amazing-tasting meal at a time.

    Resistance Bands Chest Workout with Fitness Expert James Grage.  Build a big chest anywhere with these muscle building tips. 
    Building Bigger Shoulders With Resistance Bands . How-to descriptions for each move & recommended Sets & Repetition  You don't always need a gym to build bigger shoulders. Resistance Bands Training Expert Jame Grage shares how you can build muscle at home using only bands.

    Should You Keep Working Out, Or Avoid The Gym Altogether? 

    Undersun Founder and Chief Fitness Officer, James Grage, breaks down the principle of muscle building of ALL fitness equipment and demystifies training strategies.