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    Build bigger and better back muscles duplicating any gym exercise using resistance bands. Follow along as Resistance Band Training Expert James Grage thoroughly explains each original free weight exercise and the resistance band equivalent, giving you the freedom to take your workouts wherever you want!
    Whether you use free weights or resistance bands, learn some awesome tips on how to properly train biceps for maximal growth and ultimate efficiency.
    Chances are you've heard of HIIT workouts, but not exactly sure what this type of training is all about. And even if you do, maybe you're just in search for a super-quick total body workout that you can sneak into your day. This high intensity resistance band workout will get you stronger and leaner in just 20 minutes! 

    Fitness Chef and Type 2 Diabetes advocate Thom Zwawa is changing lives through healthy food and fitness – one healthy, amazing-tasting meal at a time.

    Resistance Bands Chest Workout with Fitness Expert James Grage.  Build a big chest anywhere with these muscle building tips. 
    Building Bigger Shoulders With Resistance Bands . How-to descriptions for each move & recommended Sets & Repetition  You don't always need a gym to build bigger shoulders. Resistance Bands Training Expert Jame Grage shares how you can build muscle at home using only bands.

    Should You Keep Working Out, Or Avoid The Gym Altogether? 

    Undersun Founder and Chief Fitness Officer, James Grage, breaks down the principle of muscle building of ALL fitness equipment and demystifies training strategies. 
    Ricky Campos is a force - both literally and figuratively.  Aside from striving to be the best husband and father to his family, Ricky embodies his purpose of serving his country and community as a retired Air Force Veteran and current Firefighter Captain, EMT and Instructor.
    Commercial gyms need about 10 times the members their facilities can actually handle to be profitable. As the corporate gym industry grows, BILLIONS of dollars continue to be wasted by gym members each month because of the industry's model. Here's how to offset that. 
    Don’t fear carbohydrates. Eat the right kinds, in the right amounts, at the right times, and this critical macronutrient will help fuel your loftiest fitness goals.