Undersun Fitness

- 13 March

Your standard yoga mat may work fine at home, as long as you’re not lugging it around from place to place. Once you start trying to fit it in a backpack or other bag, you quickly realize it’s a bit cumbersome. 

Undersun created a solution for the bulky, annoying yoga mat: a super-portable, folding mat that’s perfect for floor-based exercises and fits easily into most any bag. 

Undersun Portable Exercise Mat Description

Undersun’s brand ethos is “train anytime, train anywhere.” This motto extends to all products and situations, including the practicality of having all your equipment fit neatly into a single bag or backpack when you’re out and about in town or on a trip. Not just your bands – your mat, too. 

“There are times when it’s nice to have a mat, right?” says Undersun Fitness owner and founder James Grage. “You do an ab exercise lying down or a move where you’re in a hands-and-knees position on the floor. Those moves are pretty uncomfortable if you’re on a hard surface. Problem is, I don’t like lugging around a regular yoga mat rolled up. They’re just not a convenient size. You have this whole new generation of backpacks offering different ways to strap and carry your yoga mat, and that got me thinking: Why not just create a mat that you can carry in whatever bag you have?”

That idea led to James and his team creating the Undersun Portable Exercise Mat – a perfect accessory to your Undersun Resistance Bands and whatever TA2 workout program you’re doing. The features of the Undersun mat that make it so portable are (1) it folds into a square the size of a laptop instead of rolling up, and (2) it’s slightly smaller than a standard yoga mat. 

“It’s the same kind of foam material that yoga mats are made out of, but we made it three-quarter length,” says James. “A lot of times you don’t need a full-length yoga mat, because it’s not like your feet need to sit on a mat; you just need your whole back and your head to sit on it. The three-quarter length allowed us to keep it compact, as did the folding design. This will easily fit in a regular backpack or carry-on bag. When you’re at home, go ahead and use your regular yoga mat if you already have one. But if you’re on the go, this is the perfect super-lightweight, super-compact  exercise mat.”

Undersun Portable Exercise Mat Key Features 

Ample Size + Portability  – At full size (unfolded), the mat measures 51’ x 24’ x ¼’ (LxWxH), which is plenty big enough for most floor-based exercises and stretches. When folded up, it’s a single square the size of a typical laptop computer.  

Innovate Folding Technique  – The mat is made of a PVC material sectioned into 10 different “blocks” that folds into a single blog. No more having to roll up a yoga mat and tie it off to keep it from unraveling.

Cool-Looking Exercise Mat (finally!)  – Undersun equipment is both functional and attractive. The grey material plus laser-engraved Undersun logo looks great. Your mat won’t be an eyesore in your home gym, at the park doing an outdoor workout, or in a group fitness class. 

Compact and Durable  – It’s portable, it’s lightweight, but it’s also sturdy enough to withstand intense workouts and outdoor weather. Take it anywhere conveniently, and use it for years to come. 

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