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- 15 December

Every problem has a solution. This is especially true when it comes to fitness and working out.


Problem: You know you need to get back in shape, but you’re not able (or willing) to go to the gym. And you don’t have the space or the budget for a home gym full of dumbbells, barbells, machines, and power racks. Even if you did, you don’t love the thought of beating up your body with heavy lifts.


Solution: Build a complete home gym with nothing more than resistance bands. With this setup, all of the aforementioned problems go away.


Let’s discuss all the benefits of bands, and then start building your home gym.

Benefits of a Resistance Bands Only Home Gym

Here are the main advantages of bands  compared to other home gym setups involving free weights and machines…


Benefit #1: Price

Bands win the cost-effectiveness battle by a long shot.


Dumbbells typically sell for at least $1 per pound. You can do the math on what it would cost to outfit your home gym with many pairs of dumbbells – several hundred dollars, if not over $1,000. An adequate barbell set with plates plus a power rack and bench costs $500+. Home gym machines can cost in the thousands of dollars.


The real bang for the buck comes with bands. A top-of-the-line, 5-band set (ranging from extra-light to extra-heavy resistances) can be had for under $80. Considering you’ll get the same muscle-building and strength benefits of free weights, the value is unmatched.


Benefit #2: Versatility

You can literally do every movement with resistance bands that you can do with free weights and machines combined – squats, lunges, chest and shoulder presses, rows, pulldowns, biceps curls, triceps extensions, you name it. In fact, bands offer more exercise variations than free weights, since you’re not limited to lifting only in the vertical plane (against gravity). 


Benefit #3: Portability

With resistance bands, your gym can be anywhere and anything you want it to be – a beach gym, a park gym, a hotel room gym, a backyard gym, whatever you need. Tired of working out in your spare bedroom? Move your gym to the garage in a matter of seconds. Want to catch the big game on TV this weekend? Move your gym to the media room or man cave and train while you watch football. 


Benefit #4: Effectiveness

The most common misconception about bands is that you’re sacrificing results for practicality. This couldn’t be further from the truth. The variable resistance (VRT) of bands makes for a lifting workout that feels every bit as challenging as one done with free weights and machines, if not more challenging. VRT has been proven both scientifically and anecdotally to build muscular size and strength.


How to Set Up Your Resistance Bands Home Gym

If you’re looking for high-quality bands and an accompanying workout, check out Undersun Fitness’ resistance band sets and bundles. Which set or bundle you choose depends on how many bands you want and if you want to purchase a digital training program to go along with it. 


Undersun Fitness sets and bundles are as follows (prices as of November 2020), and all include a lifetime product guarantee:


3-Band Resistance Set, $69 – includes light, medium, heavy bands.

5-Band Resistance Set, $78.95 – includes x-light, light, medium, heavy, x-heavy bands, one door anchor, and Undersun drawstring backpack.

Muscle Building Bundle, $129.95 – includes 5-band set, door anchor, Undersun drawstring backpack, and TA2 Build 90-day digital program for building muscle.

Bodyshock Bundle, $109.95 – includes 5-band set, door anchor, Undersun drawstring backpack, and TA2 Bodyshock 90-day digital program for maximizing fat loss.


TA2 Size On Bundle, $129.95 – includes 5-band set, door anchor, Undersun drawstring backpack, and TA2 Size On 90-day digital program for building muscle with a combination of bands and free weights (at the gym).