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- 25 June

Resistance Bands are as versatile as they are portable. They’re a useful tool for at-home workouts, yet you can also use then at the gym to supplement your weight training. But for someone who has never used bands before, you may have some unanswered questions about this style of training. 

Resistance band training expert and Undersun founder James Grage is here to help! Follow along as he explains 5 key factors to consider before buying a set of resistance bands to incorporate into your daily training and workouts.


With so many types of resistance bands, it can be challenging to find the best one to reach your fitness goals. This guide breaks down what to consider before purchasing a set. 

#1: Understanding Levels of Resistance 

When first starting off with resistance bands one of the first questions that most people ask is  ” Can I get just one band, one resistance level?” and as Resistance Band Training Expert James Grage Recommends, it is best to get all 5 resistance levels to properly complete your workouts. Just like using weights at the gym, some exercises require more weight than others. With Resistance bands you will find yourself often changing the level of resistance based on the muscle group that you are working on. Certain exercises require very small bands (light level), and some exercises will require big bands (heavy level). 


#2: Knowing The Band Types 

There are primarily two types of Resistance Bands. There’s Tube style Bands and Lupe style bands.    

Tube Bands

Made from a hard dense rubber, tube bands are round tubing bands that often have handles and attachments. While this style can be helpful for upper body workouts, like biceps curls and shoulder presses, they do end up being bulky and heavy due to the number of attachments that are needed to properly train with them. 

“Ive actually used tubed style bands quite a bit. It does have all those different attachments, which end up being bulky and heavy. Considering the fact that I like the portability of resistance bands, I like to have everything light weight and compact. Which is why I moved over to looped styled Undersun Resistance bands.” Grage mentioned 


Loop Bands 

Similar to a rubber band, looped bands connect in a full circle. This style can vary in length and thickness. Loop bands are popular for full-body workouts, as they are capable of duplicating any gym exercise. 

Due to their size and variance, loop bands are suitable for both upper and lower body exercises. Whether you doing a HIIT workout, or simply want to build muscle, loop bands will get the job done. They can even assist you in your toughest gym exercises!

As Grage mentions, with loop style bands you can adjust your foot position or distance from anchor point, as well as your hand position, so it gives you a lot more flexibility. Which is why he transitioned to training only with looped styled bands which is what the Undersun Fitness Bands are. A very versatile piece of equipment that you can set up from anchored and unanchored points or warp around your body to take your workout to the next level!


#3: Considering Band Materials 

There are natural Latex bands and artificial (man made) latex bands. Undersun Resistance Bands are made form 100% natural latex and are ECO-Friendly. 

Natural Latex Bands 

  • Renewable Resource 
  • Biodegradable 
  • Eco-friendly 

“The thing that I liked about the natural latex is that it is a renewable resource, as well as biodegradable, so its good for the environment and is something that personally is very important to me” Grage mentioned. 

#4: Proper Care for the Bands

Once you own your own set of bands, you want to always check for any kind of damage, whether its nicks or tears, etc. Because if you anchor your band to something sharp, or a rough surface, it’s easy to damage the band. Even the slightest tear can cause weaknesses in a band and ultimately cause them to fail. 

You also want to make sure that you properly store your resistance bands. Properly storing your Undersun bands is very important for keeping them in the the right condition. Keep your bands out of direct sunlight, as this will cause wear and tear. If you want them to last a long time, you have to take care of them!


#5: Choosing The Right Accessories 


Whether you’ve ever used gloves or not, when using Resistance Bands it is highly recommended to use a pair, as the bands can be rough on your hands. 

The Undersun Fitness Resistance Band Glove workout gloves, may be the first-ever gloves designed specifically for resistance bands training!  When working out with loop-style resistance bands you want to wear good gloves, to protect your hands, as well get a better grip. Unlike free-weights, where the pressure is put on the palm, resistance bands place pressure on the outside of your hands.  That’s why these Workout Gloves were personally designed by Undersun Founder,  James Grage, specifically for resistance band workouts. 

Door/Outdoor Anchor 

 When training with resistance bands there are two primary types of movements –unanchored exercises, meaning you anchor one end of the band with your own body, and the other are anchored exercises, where you attach one end of the band to an anchor point.  

Using anchor points gives you the ability to do more exercises, with more angles, to give maximum exercise options for your workouts.  Without anchored exercises you miss one of the best benefits of resistance band training, which is resistance in the horizontal plane.  This is something that you can’t do with free weights, where you only have a vertical plane of resistance (due to gravity).  Now you can do movements like the chest press, or rows for back, while standing up.   Not only is there no need for benches anymore, but now you’re training on your feet like an athlete. Here at Undersun Fitness we offer both an indoor anchor and an outdoor anchor. Whether you feel like training indoors or outdoors, you have no restrictions or limitations to get an effective workout in!


Make sure to grab your set of Resistance bands right here, and join thousands of Undersun TA2 Members around the world in having the freedom to train anytime, and train anywhere!